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Custom-Developed Solutions

Packaged software may not be available to meet your unique requirements. Many software packages are developed to provide broad, comprehensive functionality, resulting in too much complexity or cost for what you need. Other packages may require significant customization to meet your critical functional requirements, reducing or eliminating the value of the package and increasing future support and maintenance costs.

Under these circumstances, a custom-developed solution may be the right answer for your organization. Envytee's consultants are seasoned veterans in the design, development, and implementation of custom software applications fitted to our clients' specific objectives. We are well-versed in web-based, client/server, and legacy application development tools. We consider open source solutions, frameworks, foundations, and functions in our projects as they make sense to reduce delivery time and cost.

We have been developing custom software solutions since our inception and believe there is much to be gained from a disciplined application development lifecycle. We have a proven methodology to offer our clients, and we are also accustomed to working within the methodologies our clients have already established.


Envytee ISS Integrates SharePoint


  • Paper;
  • EMail;
  • Faxes;
  • Any Office Documents in Eclat's Document Database (EDD) with workflow approval (Workflow iQ)


SharePoint is a Microsoft product for content management and collaboration.
It is built on Microsoft SQL Server Database, as is Eclat Document Database (EDD).

  • The basic storage areas in SharePoint are called "Document Libraries" whereas
  • The basic storage areas in Eclat Document Database are called "File Cabinets"
  • EDD File Cabinets are associated with SharePoint's Document Libraries

How It Works:


  • Documents coming in through SharePoint are routed to an EDD File Cabinet, which initiates a workflow; just as
  • Documents coming in through EDD are sent into SharePoint Document Library;
  • Any updates made in SharePoint are automatically updated in EDD through Workflow iQ and vice-versa;
  • Eclat Systems provides a Web Part for SharePoint that shows "My Work to Do" with direct links to the work;

Uses Microsoft Active Directory and works with Single Sign On

SharePoint Integration with SAP

Integration Options

There are some of the possibilities with the SharePoint Business Data Catalog, Enterprise Search, and other SharePoint Server capabilities, this section puts those possibilities within the context of what customers need to accomplish. It describes three basic methods of integration:

  • Surfacing SAP UI
  • Integrating with SAP services
  • Surfacing SAP data directly without going through services.

While describing these three levels of integration, we also describe how to best achieve them using combinations of SharePoint Server and other technologies and techniques.