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Increase Attendance and Lower Costs Using Virtual Classroom

As budgets for training programs continue to decrease, many businesses are implementing online training programs to lower their costs and increase audience attendance for client trainings, employee and new hire trainings, continuing education programs, and vendor/channel partner trainings.

Online trainings are less time consuming and more cost effective than on-site trainings because travel, accommodations, and venue rental are unnecessary. Live video streaming, animated slide presentations, and language translation services make it simple to convey in-depth course material. Q&A sessions, polling and post event surveys facilitate communication and encourage dialogue. Participants can attend from the comfort of their offices, homes or remote locations of choice.

envytee’s Virtual Classroom Makes It Easy To:

  • Deliver slide and video presentations
  • Distribute training materials
  • Conduct Q&A sessions
  • Administer auto-score exams
  • Monitor attendance
  • Collect important information about attendees
  • Polls/surveys
  • Group and private chat
  • White board
  • Desktop sharing
  • Passing control to students
  • Break out rooms for small group discussion
  • Check knowledge through tests